Fallacies of Logic I’ve Heard in Catch as Catch Can Wrestling

Jon Strickland demonstrates a Gotch Toe Hold in Humboldt, Iowa, hometown of Frank Gotch By Jon Strickland of American Hook Wrestling 1. The more people you train with the better you will be. 2. Letting go of a hold because the next one is always better. 3. Don’t ask “what if.” 4. (Fill in theContinue reading “Fallacies of Logic I’ve Heard in Catch as Catch Can Wrestling”

Opinion: A Wrestler is Never Done Learning

I feel like many folks are some what brainwashed by TV. Either the UFC fights themselves or their drama reality series that feeds on drama to exist. They are trained by a Jiu Jitsu strategy in grappling. They fear giving up their back, or should say, exposing their back. As a wrestler I don’t giveContinue reading “Opinion: A Wrestler is Never Done Learning”

Raul Ramirez Named Regional Wrestling Coach of Kapap Academy Singapore

Five time undefeated Catch Wrestler and Founder of Catch Wrestling Alliance, Dr. Raul Ramirez, will be joining Kapap Academy Singapore as our Regional Catch Wrestling Coach, to help promote Catch Wrestling in Asia.“We want to strengthen the quality of Catch Wrestling in Asia and introduce it into more countries,” Dr. Ramirez stated. “We have bigContinue reading “Raul Ramirez Named Regional Wrestling Coach of Kapap Academy Singapore”

Catch Wrestling Seminar Schedule for Remainder of 2016

On December 10, Jon Strickland will be joined by Curran Jacobs for a Catch Wrestling seminar in Beavercreek, Ohio at Dayton MMA Academy. Contact the gym directly by clicking here.   Dr. Raul Ramirez will be doing a series of Catch Wrestling seminars in Singapore from December 28, until January 1 at Kapap Academy Singapore. ContactContinue reading “Catch Wrestling Seminar Schedule for Remainder of 2016”

Opinion: The Singlet Controversy

Frank Gotch in a wrestling match against Georg Hackenshmidt September 4, 1911 The state of Nebraska made headlines for deciding to allow folkstyle wrestlers to wear “fight shorts” and “moisture wicking shirts.” The singlets that are currently worn seem to be a deterrent for potential students, therefore many young people choose to play other sports to avoid wearingContinue reading “Opinion: The Singlet Controversy”

Olympics Highlight Need for Catch As Catch Can Wrestling

JASON GETZ/USA TODAY SPORTS How many points can you score in six minutes? That is how many Olympics wrestling matches are decided. Getting points for passivity and pushing your opponent out of the circle are not in the spirit of wrestling. If the goal of wrestling was to pin your opponent, then adding points andContinue reading “Olympics Highlight Need for Catch As Catch Can Wrestling”

Frank Gotch World Catch Tournament Results

Men’s 220+ Division: 1st Chris Morales, 2nd Nicholas Caggia, 3rd James Bunn Men’s 200-219 Division: 1st Travis Wiuff, 2nd Ned Morales, 3rd Nick Badger Men’s 160-179 Division: 1st Anthony Pachek, 2nd Keanu Huete, 3rd Johnny Boyd Men’s 140-159 Division: 1st Matt Tran, 2nd Javier Garcia, 3rd Adam Laporte Women’s Open Weight Division: 1st Shayna Baszler,Continue reading “Frank Gotch World Catch Tournament Results”

Dr. Stephen Greenfield: Catch Wrestling is a Distinct Wrestling Style

Dr. Greenfield with the successor of Billy Riley, Roy Wood If I hear “it’s just a ruleset” or “it’s all grappling” – yes it is a form of grappling, as is Judo , BJJ, they all have their distinctive points, techniques, nuances, history and strategy. Yes CACC had a rulset (it is a little moreContinue reading “Dr. Stephen Greenfield: Catch Wrestling is a Distinct Wrestling Style”