No Holds Barred: Jennifer Thomas, from Pro Wrestling to Catch Wrestling!

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Jennifer Thomas will be competing in our event June 7, 2014 at UCLA in Los Angeles. Come support her and the rebirth of Catch Wrestling!

CWA Holds First International Invitational Catch Wrestling Event, June 7, in Los Angeles

Witness the rebirth of the sport of Catch Wrestling

For Immediate Release:

Los Angeles, February 5, 2014: On Saturday, June 7, the Catch Wrestling Alliance will be holding their first catch wrestling event, an international invitational entitled “Rebirth.” It will take place in Collins Court in the John Wooden Center on the UCLA campus, 221 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, California 90095.

This event will be held under traditional catch wrestling rules, where you can win by submission or pin. There are no points, no politics, and no sandbagging. A team of American Catch Wrestlers will take on a team of international Catch Wrestlers in USA vs the World matches.

Catch wrestlers with extensive wrestling and grappling backgrounds from around the world, including Europe, North America, and Asia, are confirmed to compete. Men’s and women’s matches will be held.

“I am looking forward to showing the world high level catch wrestling,” said Raul Ramirez of the Catch Wrestling Alliance. “It is every catch wrestler’s dream to see catch wrestling in the spotlight again. We can achieve this goal if we work together.”

Currently eight matches are planned for this event. Two women’s matches and six men’s matches are currently scheduled. No points will be scored, as matches are based on a win-lose format. All kinds of submissions are allowed, except groin attacks, fish hooking, spitting, biting, hair grabbing, intentional striking, and kicking. The winner of each match will win an award in honor of an important person in wrestling history.

Tickets will go on sale soon.

About CWA and Catch Wrestling:

The CWA (Catch Wrestling Alliance) is an American organization that promotes and hosts international catch-as-catch-can wrestling events. The Catch Wrestling Alliance was started by Raul Ramirez in association with catch wrestling schools around the world with a goal of reinstating legitimate catch wrestling competition globally.

Catch wrestling is a classical, hybrid grappling type of wrestling developed in 1870. It was later popularized by carnival wrestlers who refined new submission holds and hooks to be more effective against opponents.

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Our first event is set for June 7!

The date of the first Catch Wrestling Alliance has been set for Saturday, June 7th in Collins Court on UCLA campus in Los Angeles.

Collins Court is a spacious venue with seating on all four walls that will surround the wrestling mat. Every seat will provide a great view of all the explosive Catch Wrestling action.

Here is a glimpse into Collins Court.

An introduction to the Catch Wrestling Alliance

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On this edition of No Holds Barred, host Eddie Goldman spoke with our correspondent Raul Ramirez of the Catch Wrestling Alliance.
Based in the Los Angeles, California, area, and working with the Snake Pit Wigan in the U.K., which is the home of catch-as-catch-can wrestling, he has set his sights on hosting a major international catch wrestling event this year in Los Angeles.
We spoke with Raul Ramirez by phone Wednesday, New Year’s Day.
“Everyone who’s involved with catch wrestling, it’s their dream to really help revive it as a real, maybe even professional sport, hearken back to the glory days of catch wrestling,” he said.
“So basically this past year I’ve been working hard with the Snake Pit Wigan and reaching out to other people in the United States who have been involved with catch wrestling for a long time. A lot of them want to work together to try to provide wrestlers for a big event that we plan on having, most likely June of this year.”
Many of the details of this event are yet to be finalized, but the basic rules of catch wrestling will be in place: you can only win by pin or submission.
Among the many issues facing catch wrestling as it is being revived is governance. The building of regional, national, and international infrastructures is already taking place, with the hopes of holding events to determine credible national and world champions “who earned” these titles. At the same time, he also stressed the need to guard against corruption. This is what killed real professional catch wrestling a century ago, when it completely degenerated and left the realm of sport.
At this point, this Catch Wrestling Alliance event is planned to be held on the campus of UCLA in Los Angeles, where many sumo wrestling and jiu-jitsu events have taken place. Wrestlers will be invited from several countries, including some of those who have competed at the Snake Pit Wigan’s annual International Catch Wrestling Tournaments.
The aim, he said, is “a real international event.”
We also discussed why catch wrestling has as its basics the fundamentals of wrestling; possible different rule sets which include or exclude chokeholds; other catch wrestling events already planned for 2014, including the Virginia Shooter’s Challenge, which is the North American Catch Wrestling Association’s regional qualifier, on April 5 in Amherst, Virginia; the eventual need for an internationa

l federation to govern catch wrestling; and much more.