Putting Things Together: Sanda and Catch Wrestling against Knee Strikes

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Thoughts on Catch Wrestling

By Jon Strickland, head coach at American Hook Wrestling in South Carolina Submission wrestling or grappling is a generic term CACC is not. CACC is a style of submission wrestling. A high level amateur who learns Jiujitsu or another submission art would be a submission wrestler. All striking isn’t karate or Kung fu. I’m notContinue reading “Thoughts on Catch Wrestling”

Fallacies of Logic I’ve Heard in Catch as Catch Can Wrestling

Jon Strickland demonstrates a Gotch Toe Hold in Humboldt, Iowa, hometown of Frank Gotch By Jon Strickland of American Hook Wrestling 1. The more people you train with the better you will be. 2. Letting go of a hold because the next one is always better. 3. Don’t ask “what if.” 4. (Fill in theContinue reading “Fallacies of Logic I’ve Heard in Catch as Catch Can Wrestling”

2017 Rewind

2017 was a great year! A huge thank you to all involved! Your support means the world to us! Ultima Replenishmer http://www.ultimareplenisher.com Sprout Living https://www.sproutliving.com The next authentic Catch Wrestling tournament will be held on February 10, 2018 in El Centro, California! We are featuring the return of Amateur Catch as Catch Can Wrestling youthContinue reading “2017 Rewind”

The 100-year anniversary of Frank Gotch’s death is on Saturday

By Mike Chapman On Dec. 16, 1917, the greatest wrestler in American history died in Humboldt, Iowa.  Therefore, the 100-year anniversary of Frank Gotch’s death is on Saturday. Gotch was the biggest sports hero of his day. Teddy Roosevelt invited him to the White House and he starred in a stage play that toured the EastContinue reading “The 100-year anniversary of Frank Gotch’s death is on Saturday”