American Catch Wrestler Billy Wicks on Staying Relaxed and the Importance of Wrestling

Here’s the points I’d like to make about catch wrestling. You never do anything well or to your best ability when you panic. Learning to relax is the single most important aspect of how I was taught and teach catch wrestling. It’s hard to learn this part of wrestling. It normally takes quite a few years for most. 
People get far too anxious in getting the win. Therefore they blow themselves up or walk right into a hook. Often I hear, “how do you not panic if a person is beating or hurting you?” Its quite simple. You learn to wrestle. What’s that? You must learn to escape, reverse, and block a move. That is all in the technique itself. Its not in your body. 

Until you learn to relax, you won’t be considered a knowledgeable catch guy. This brings me to the holds. How many holds are applied when someone taps out? Normally just one, right. Guys don’t often lose by a DWL and toe hold. They lose by one hold. You chain your wrestling. If you shoot for a leg, finish that shoot. Often you will chain into a low ankle or high crotch. If you escape using a sit out, you might get blocked and instead hit a side roll. Ankle locks, heel hooks, knee bars are not part of the old style I was taught. 

Learn how to use a DWL everywhere on the mat. Learn how to wrestle with a toe hold everywhere on the mat. Learn to use a headlock everywhere on the mat. I guarantee you that one of these hooks will work any position you find yourself in. If the guy uses muscle and is resisting, don’t let go of the hold. Instead move your body (continue to wrestle) until you find where he can’t defend it. If you don’t finish the hold or lose it, then you need to focus on learning the hold deeper. The holds work, so its on the individual to understand what he did wrong.

Billy Wicks

Published by Raul Ramirez, L.Ac., Ph.D.

Physician, Catch Wrestler, Kickboxer, Vegan, Progressive

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