Catch Wrestling Alliance Brings Authentic Catch Wrestling to Singapore for the First Time

Catch Wrestling Alliance Brings Authentic Catch Wrestling to Singapore for the First Time

The historic sport of Catch Wrestling to be held in the South-East Asia for the first time bringing wrestlers from around the world. The event is going to be held on 20th March, 2016 at 1 PM (Saturday) at the City Square Mall, Fountain Square, 180 Kitchener Road, Singapore. The event is locally hosted by Kapap Academy (Singapore) – a member of Catch Wrestling Alliance.

“We are happy to be bringing authentic Catch Wrestling to the epicenter of martial arts in Asia, the great country of Singapore.” – Chief organizer Raul Ramirez.

“We are proud to showcase this great and historic wrestling style to Singapore. We hope this will be the first of many epic Catch Wrestling events in Asia.”- CEO/ National Athlete (Wrestling), Qin Yunquan of Kapap Academy (Singapore), the local host and main sponsor of the event.

Catch Wrestling matches will be held in the according to tradition with no point system. In order to win a match, one has to pin the opponent, or make the opponent quit by using a painful submission hold.

Catch Wrestling evolved as a sport in England in the 1800’s. It combines all aspects of wrestling from takedowns and ground wrestling along with submission holds. Matches filled stadiums of over 30,000 spectators in its heyday as it was the most popular wrestling style in the western world. Catch Wrestling techniques were taught to the military of the United States and it is recognized as the forefather of modern Olympic wrestling, Pro Wrestling, and MMA.

About the Company: Catch Wrestling Alliance is based in Los Angeles, California, USA. The main goal is to promote the sport of Catch As Catch Can Wrestling.

Published by Raul Ramirez, L.Ac., Ph.D.

Physician, Catch Wrestler, Kickboxer, Vegan, Progressive

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