Snake Pit Wigan’s Roy Wood to Attend CWA’s First International Invitational Catch Wrestling Event, June 7 in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, April 22 — Legendary Snake Pit Wigan Catch Wrestling and Olympic Freestyle Wrestling coach Roy Wood will attend Catch Wrestling Alliance’s First International Catch Wrestling Event, June 7 in Los Angeles. 

Roy took over the legendary “Snake Pit” gym after the passing of his longtime coach and Catch Wrestling master Billy Riley. Roy was one of three men that brought catch wrestling to Japan. He trained many of the great professional wrestlers in Japan as well as many wrestlers for the Commonwealth Games and 2012 Olympic freestyle wrestler, Maria Dunn.

Roy Wood will also be offering Catch Wrestling seminars at the Catch Wrestling Los Angeles gym. This will be the only Catch Wrestling instruction that Roy Wood will offer outside of the Snake Pit Wigan, England. Dates to be announced soon.

Tickets are now on sale for the Catch Wrestling Alliance first Catch Wrestling event, an international invitational event, entitled “Rebirth.” It will take place in Collins Court in the the John Wooden Center on the UCLA campus, 221 Westwood Plaza, Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90095.

This event will be held under traditional Catch Wrestling rules, where you can win by submission or pin. There are no points, and no judges.

Catch Wrestlers with extensive wrestling and grappling backgrounds from around the world, including Europe, North America, and Asia, are confirmed to compete. Men’s and women’s matches will be held.

“Coach Roy Wood is an unsung hero in Catch Wrestling history,” said Raul Ramirez of the Catch Wrestling Alliance. “He was trained by the best coach, Billy Riley, who handed over the gym to him. Now Roy is building up the next generation of high level Catch wrestlers.”

Currently eight matches are planned for this event. Two women’s matches and six men’s matches are currently scheduled. No points will be scored, as matches are based on win, lose, or draw format. All kinds of submissions are allowed, except groin attacks, fish hooking, spitting, biting, hair grabbing, intentional striking, and kicking. The winner of each match will win an award in honor of an important person in wrestling history.

Tickets are available through the event website:

About CWA and Catch Wrestling:

The CWA (Catch Wrestling Alliance) is an American organization that promotes and hosts international Catch-as-Catch-Can Wrestling events. The Catch Wrestling Alliance was started by Raul Ramirez in association with Catch Wrestling schools around the world with a goal of reinstating legitimate Catch Wrestling competition globally.

Catch wrestling is a classical, hybrid grappling type of wrestling developed in 1870. It was later popularized by carnival wrestlers who refined new submission holds and hooks to be more effective against opponents.

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